—  Alumni Association Career Management Masters Programme
Co-founder and Advisor on Career Research

 —  CPD
Professional Development for Career Practitioners

 —  BBC
Careers below the Surface: Career workshop
What is a career? : Career workshop for internal career coaches

 —  Birkbeck College
Development of in house Career Management services

 — The Careers Group
CPD session for London University career coaches “Reflective practice”

 —  CareerVision
Supervisor and trainer of coaches consulting to theIrish Employment Service

 —  CareerTree
Career Coach supervisor and role consultant

 — Career Counselling Services Alumni          
Careers below the surface workshop

Branch Guest Speaker on Career Counselling and Coaching

 — CPA Australia                       
Career Management for Accountants

 — C.R. Bard                                   
Outplacement provision for senior executives

 — Dublin City University           
Career Development and Management Programme Consultant
Researchers career development programme

 — JMS                                               
Career Specialist



  — Johnson and Johnson        
Career Conversations Masterclass facilitator

— Janssen London First                         
Guest speaker on Career Management

— Kerou Associates                         

 — London Business School                      Supervisor of Career Coaching Team

 — London School of Economics                    
Supervisor of Career Coaching Team

— NHS            
Supervisor of internal coaches Guys and St Thomas Trust

 — NICEC National  Institute of Career Education and Counselling                       
Careers below the surface seminar
Career coaching: What, where who  seminar

 — Personal Career Management                           
Professional Career Coach Training Programme
Design and Delivery                                                
Strategic Advisor to Senior Management Team
Career Coach Supervision

 — Royal College of Physicians                           
Guest Lecturer on Masters in Medical Leadership: Career module

 — School Of Organisational  Psychology          
Life Career Development lecturer
Career Management and Counselling skills tutor
E-learning tutor Career Management

 — T-Space
Consultant and Supervisor to directors of change management consultancy

 — Women Like Us                       
Career Coach Supervisor